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Accomplished Beverly Hills Lawyer Provides Strong Criminal Defense

Seasoned Southern California advocate challenges prosecutors

Since 1970, residents of the Los Angeles area have relied on The Law Offices of Joseph Shemaria to defend their rights in all types of criminal litigation. We understand how to obtain strong results in court and through skillful plea negotiations. Attorney Joseph Shemaria has devoted his entire legal career to helping people fight the charges against them so that they can maintain their freedom. Our firm never backs down from a challenge and handles even the most complex cases, including appeals, where we have won more than 30 reported decisions. Whether you are facing a state or federal charge, we take every legal step to win the dismissal, acquittal or favorable plea agreement that you seek.

Law firm delivers comprehensive counsel for homicide cases

Prosecutions arising from a deadly incident create extra challenges and pressures for everyone involved. Defendants facing homicide charges are best served by a tough advocate who has learned how to manage these cases through experience. Our firm has provided exceptional defense counsel in capital cases for decades. We can advise you on the laws relating to:

  • Murder — Attorney Joseph Shemaria is able to assess allegations quickly and develop a careful strategy that puts clients in the best possible position.
  • Defenses — In many instances, law enforcement officers overlook key information in fatal incidents. We can develop a thorough narrative for self-defense or any other potential defense including accident or mistaken identity.
  • Vehicular manslaughter — If someone is killed in a car accident, a vehicular manslaughter charge can be filed as a misdemeanor or a felony against the driver, depending on the facts alleged. When the driver is presumed to be intoxicated, a DUI (Watson) murder count can be brought, even when the motorist did not intend to hurt anyone. We examine each element of the purported crime and attack weaknesses in the prosecution’s argument.

Starting with a free initial consultation, our firm takes a hands-on approach to safeguarding the rights of defendants in all homicide cases and all other matters.

Skillful attorney effectively represents people accused of sexual offenses

Even the mere rumor of a sex crime can destroy someone’s reputation, cost them their job, and restrict their ability to see their children. If you’re charged with a sexual offense, you need an assertive defense that challenges questionable evidence and finds the truth in conflicting stories. Our firm can investigate issues relating to consent and any other factor that might demonstrate a defendant’s innocence.

Knowledgeable counselor attacks allegations of conspiracy and fraud

Prosecutions for conspiracy and fraud charges are often based on mistaken assumptions. An innocent conversation can easily be twisted into a purported criminal agreement, or someone disappointed by the outcome of a deal can allege that illegal misrepresentation occurred. When you face such charges,  you need a determined advocate with an extensive knowledge of the law and the ability to investigate all relevant details. Attorney Joseph Shemaria has made law in numerous cases and can dismantle flimsy fraud and conspiracy actions that are often brought simply to pressure defendants.

Contact a dedicated California criminal defense lawyer for a free initial consultation

At The Law Offices of Joseph Shemaria, we defend Los Angeles-area clients facing a full range of criminal charges. Please call 424-284-9921 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation at our Beverly Hills office.


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