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Mr. Shemaria has handled well over 1,000 Criminal appeals, both State and Federal (with a remarkable success rate) and Petitions for Writ of Habeas Corpus in both state and federal courts. He has over 30 published Official Court Opinions available online at no charge at various legal web sites. The exact citations to these published opinions are in the “Biography and Cases” of this website and can also be viewed at Martindale-Hubbell’s “www.Lawyers.com/josephshemaria”. There are several other published opinions, beyond these, that are in the Pacific Reporter and Cal. Reporter..
My objective is to fight aggressively and thoroughly. I am always on the offensive. Even when I know we cannot avoid a conviction, the prosecutor never knows what I have planned for the defense at trial. Usually if I know the case must be “dealt-out”, it happens at the last minute, when the prosecutor experiences the most stress and uncertainty about getting a conviction. For them, any “deal” is better than going to trial and risking a loss.


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